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The main objective of this Society is to protect the environment from further deterioration and work for the welfare of Animals. Those who are dedicated to save environment for future and have feelings to share earth with animals are welcome to join hand with us. The Executive board and members have been doing awareness programmes, development of technologies and people interaction on various issues of environment and Animal welfare therefore the NGO “Save Environment and Welfare of Animals came in to existence on 20.10. 10. The society succeeded in getting close interaction and involvement of many senior environmentalist and Animal Welfare educationists .


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                                             Major activities

     25.10.10- Awareness programme at certain breeding habitats of endangered reptiles and amphibians near   Pushkar Ghati-Ajmer

      15.11.10- Awareness programme about biodiversity of western India and the impact of climate change and globalization was organized for the students of Kirti Dungerse College, Mumbai at Ajmer. Students of Mumbai College had close interactions on various issues of Environmental degradation and biodiversity loss.


     10.12.10- Awareness about the snakes to the villagers and local people in a colony near kayad Road Ajmer. People when saw a Cobra, they wanted to kill it but as soon as Secretary of the Society, Mr. Vivek Sharma was informed on telephone, he reached and advised people not to kill the snake. He caught it safely and released in the nearby Aravalli Hill ranges away from the people. This created good confidence between the volunteers of the society and local people.

      5.1.11 – An essay competition was organized for graduates and post graduate students from the college and University at Ajmer with the title “The role of youth in Biodiversity Conservation” This way many young volunteers joined SEWA to serve the environment and Animal Welfare.    

     1.12.10 – 28.2.11 Developed awareness about the animals which are being used in practical and to suggest students and college lecturers not tom use animals in practical and use digital alternatives. These messages were conveyed on behalf of SEWA by Dr. K. K. Sharma at Udaipur, Aurangabad, Banglore, Bhilwara, Ambo (Ethiopia). Replacement of Animals by digital alternatives is an important objective of the society which SEWA is doing excellently in collaboration with Mahatma Gandhi Doerenkamp Centre, for animal alternatives   Tiruchirapalli,   Tamilnadu.

     22.3.11 - Sewa carried out a big mission to save water through recycling on 22nd March, 2011 on the occasion of world water day. The recycling distillation technique developed by an Indian Scientist (Sharma, 2004) was circulated to not only national but to the international mass through the digital internet media. International World Water day.org ,UN water portal and Indian water portal have given good coverage to this technique disseminated by the SEWA to a big mass. This will save gallons of water in the world. 


        28.4.11- One of the advisors of the SEWA Dr. S. P. Mehra proceeded to Uganda (Africa) to demonstrate Reed Bed technique for water purification. Dr. Mehra with RSNH, Udaipur has done lot of water purification in Bharatpur District of Rajasthan using this technique.

     29.4.11- Was celebrated as Save the Frog day- an important international effort of SEWA with Save the Frogs organization, USA. The blog of Save the Frogs day has considered this activity of SEWA as a major Indian contribution to save the frogs of Rajasthan, India and the world. This has been displayed in the international events of that blog.


30.4.11 An essay competition and awareness campaign was organized at the Govt. School Boraj Ajmer. The school was selected as it is situated in the remote area surrounded by habitats of many animal species facing danger of threats and extinction. Students from class II to class VIII actively participated and informed to villagers about environment protection and animal welfare.


1.5.11-Habitat conservation and awareness programme organized with the help of local people at Sravan Talab on 1st May, 2011. Awareness was developed among the local people to protect breeding grounds of frogs. On the same day Parinda filled with water were installed at many places to provide drinking water for the birds.

3.5.11-Volunteers of SEWA went to the roads nearby the breeding sites of Frogs with banners in hands to give slow driving and allow the animals to cross the roads. SEWA wants to do this as a major activity to save animals from road accidents.


5.5.11- A drawing competition was organized at Govt. School Boraj Ajmer on the theme Save Environment. More than 55 students participated and produced excellent banners about the environment safety and love for animals. Prize distribution gave good encouragement among them (Rajasthan Patrika Ajmer Edition: 6.5.11).


6.5.11 May two documentaries were released by the Advisor of SEWA on YOUTUBE, one on alternatives of animal dissection and another is recycling distillation technique. Both the documentaries are receiving excellent attention all over the world.

 9.5.11 -The following activities were carried out by the team of SEWA for animal welfare: Rescuing the Barn Owl from some persons who wanted to take it for medicinal or orthodox purpose. Rescuing Cobra when people wanted to kill it. Massage to media about the effect of heat on these habitat lost animals (Rajasthan Patrika Ajmer Edition: 10.5.11).


Event plan on world Environment Day

SEWA is planning to organize world Environment day on 5th June 2011 in small units in many villages of Rajasthan where environmental destruction and habitat loss is very severe.


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